Yurii Stets called on the world to turn its attention to the cases of Suschenko and Semena on the World Press Freedom Day

The Ministry of information policy of Ukraine firmly stands for the safety of journalists and protection of their rights, it is a kind of “code of honor” for us.

According to the Minister, Yurii Stets, the cases of Mykola Semena and Roman Suschenko are the examples of violations of journalists’ rights in profession and freedom of speech on the part of the Russian Federation.

“On this day, I call on the world community to pay attention to our political prisoners-journalists. Without the support of international organizations and views of the European States leaders a quick liberation of prisoners will not be achieved”, – Y.Stets.

The Minister noted, in his address to colleagues, that the other side of freedom is responsibility. So we, therefore, ask the journalists to be aware of the responsibility to society, to observe the standards of journalism and the impartiality of statements, feeling the freedom and the support of the state!

“MIP will soon initiate changes to the insurance legislation, taking into account the flagrant cases of impunity in the modern world and worrying about the security of journalists. – declares the Minister of information policy, Yurii Stets, – We will raise that topic along with the Council of Europe and NUJU, media representatives and insurers”.

In such way, MIP intends to provide additional guarantees for professional activity through the legislative regulation of compulsory insurance.