Yurii Stets: "We present the report of the Commission as a counter to the speculations about the absence of Ukrainian broadcasting in Donbas"

27 October, during the reporting press conference of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Minister Yurii Stets stated that he had asked his Deputy Tetiana Popova, head of the Commission on ensuring the stable functioning of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting, which operates under MIP, to prepare a report on restoration of Ukrainian broadcasting due to the activity of the Commission.

“It is important for me that the Commission, which was established under MIP, did a great job towards the restoration of Ukrainian broadcasting. So I asked the head of the Commission – Tetiana Popova to prepare a report on countering speculation of FSB structures about the absence of Ukrainian broadcasting in Donbas”, – said the Minister.

Tetiana Popova reported on the status of the restoration of broadcasting based on the results of the Commission under the MIP together with BRT Concern.

Head of the Commission noted the following points that were made:

1. Donetsk branch of BRT put into service transmitters to broadcast Donetsk RSTRC in Mariupol, Krasmoarmiisk and Kramatorsk.

2. Lithuanian transmitter broadcasts “IRTA” TV channel in Svatove, Luhansk region.

3. Transmitter to broadcast programs of Luhansk RSTRC with a power of 5 kW was put into service in Starobilsk.

4. Temporary pillar height of 30 m was installed in Kramatorsk by Donetsk branch of BRT, the broadcasting of 13 television and 5 radio programs were resumed.

5. The transmitters of “Channel 5”, “Studio 1 + 1”, “Ukraine”, “Goldberry”, “Espresso TV” of Donetsk RSTRC and UT-1 television companies, and FM radio transmitters of “Radio 24” and “TAVR media” radio companies were installed and put into service in Volnovakha by Donetsk branch of BRT.

6. Transmitters power of “UT-1”, “Studio 1 + 1” and “5kanal” networks were increased in Artemivsk by Donetsk branch of BRT.

7. FM transmitter of “Lux” radio company was put into service in Kostiantynivka by Donetsk branch of BRT.

8. FM transmitter of “TAVR media” was put into service in Shyrokyi.

9. Superpower transmitters broadcast the first program of the Ukrainian radio and special programs of the National Radio Company of Ukraine from the radio center in Mykolaiv region on frequencies of 549 kHz and 1431 kHz.

10. Analog transmitter to broadcast programs of Luhansk TRC on 43th    television channel was put into service in Popasna, Luhansk region.

11. Pursuant to the decision of the National Council of Ukraine in Svitlodarsk program of Donetsk TRC is on air instead of “TET” program.

12. Luhansk branch of BRT Concern put into service television transmitter capacity of 1kW to broadcast programs of Luhansk RSTRC on 25th TV channel in Shyrokyi.

13. In the same place, FM-transmitter to broadcast “Radio Pulse” programs of Luhansk RSTRC on frequency of 99.5 MHz was made from its own materials and by temporary scheme., BRT delivered the transmitter to Holmy (small town) and plans to install the transmitter capacity of 10 kW after receiving funds from the treasurer’s office.

15. 100 satellite antennas with Ukrainian broadcasting packages for the soldiers on the front line in ATO area were installed under the leadership of Oleksandr Brygynets.

16. Ukrainian broadcasting was restored on the 61st TV channel of Donetsk RSTRC in Kramatorsk.

Thus, we can state the fact that 95% of transmitters received from Lithuania and Poland have been installed or redistributed between channels in ATO area and adjacent territories of Russia.

In addition, the United States Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt donated to MIP of Ukraine 3 FM-transmitters, which will be transferred to Donetsk TRC in ATO area. Also MIP and BRT Concern sent a letter to the Director General of the Latvian State Television and Radio Company with request to provide transmitters (pre-owned) of analog television broadcasting 5-10 kW. Last week the Ministry of Finance of Latvia confirmed readiness to donate us the transmitters.

Future plans:

  1. We expect the allocation of funds from the treasurer’s office pursuant to the decree № 778-p of 22 July 2015 “On the allocation of funds for restoration and expansion of the national television and radio broadcasting system in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Sumy regions”. On 10.27.2015 BRT Concern launches the tender procedure and carries out preparatory work for the installation of antenna-feeder system.
  2. Construction of the new tower. The Ukrainian Institute of Steel Construction named after V. N. Shimanovskyi made calculations and proposed height of the tower – 180m. BRT signed a contract with the Institute. Term for technical documentation is 120 days (deadline 05.11.15). Approximate time of construction activities is March-May 2016 (depending on weather conditions).
  3. BRT Concern passed to “IRTA” TRC 3 transmitters, and preparing to pass another 2 in the nearest future.
  4. Lawyers are preparing a new resolution on allocation of funds for restoration and expansion of the national television and radio broadcasting system.