Production of the patriotic TV series “History in Stories. What if?…”

Production of the patriotic series “Mama, season 2” DK 021:2015:92110000-5

Justification of the technical and quality characteristics of the subject of procurement and justification of the expected cost and/or size of the budget allocation:

This procurement is carried out in accordance with part one, paragraph five, point 2, part two of article 40 of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”, in connection with the need to protect intellectual property rights.

The characteristics of the subject of procurement and the expected value of the subject of procurement are determined by the minutes of the meeting of the Expert Council at the Moscow State Committee on the Selection of Film Projects for the Provision of State Financial Support for the Production (Creation) and Distribution of Patriotic Films dated November 5, 2021 No. 22, by which the Moscow State Committee was given a proposal for state financial support of the production (creation) of patriotic series based on selected film projects that received an average score of at least 25 points, in particular the film project “Mama, season 2” produced by LLC “PROKINO”, with a proposal for the amount of state financial support – UAH 6124461.40.

According to the order of the MKIP dated 16.11.2021 No. 894, the feature film project of the patriotic series “Mama, season 2”, the producer of which is LLC “PROKINO”, is defined as the one that is provided with state financial support for production and distribution.