Підтримайте Україну — перекажіть гроші для ЗСУ

russia is a terrorist state


The only goal of terrorism is to spread fear among the population. And since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia has regularly used terror as a tool in the war.

Murder and torture in Bucha, nuclear blackmail, kidnapping, and missile attacks on civilian facilities that have already killed thousands of people, including children. And the mass graves in liberated Izium unveil more Russian hidden crimes in the occupied territories.

Russia has already taken more than 6,000 lives of civilians of Ukraine, and is still not recognized as a terrorist state. It launched more than 3,000 missiles at peaceful cities of Ukraine — and it is still not a terrorist state. This status is fundamental, because it will guarantee Ukrainians stronger support and deprive Russia of the opportunity to receive funding for the continuation of the bloody war.

How many more crimes must Russia commit against humanity and kill Ukrainians in order to get the deserved title of a terrorist country?

The video was created by @WAW Ukraine