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Official statement on the crimes of the Russian Federation against the media representatives

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy expresses its deepest condolences to the families and relatives of all the wounded, captured, missing and killed journalists.  

The work of journalists during the war is advanced. Media representatives are often not only physically at the front, covering the course of military events, but they are themselves soldiers of the information front. Today, they are exposing the Kremlin’s endless absurd lies. We deeply appreciate everyone’s contribution to our common struggle on the information front against the bloodthirsty enemy.  

Ukrainian journalism already has a history. Its own heroes and tragedies. Freedom of speech in our country is unprecedented. The media always presents all spectrums of ideological, valuable, political positions that are not prohibited by law. But since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the journalistic community has united and now this united front opposes Russian propaganda. After all, today Ukraine is fighting for its independence in all possible ways. And, unfortunately, there are casualties in these violent battles.  

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, 74 crimes were committed against media representatives by Russia, including 19 against citizens of other countries: Great Britain – 5, the Czech Republic – 2, the USA – 2, Denmark – 2, the UAE – 2, Russia – 2, Ireland – 1, Switzerland – 1, France – 1, Lithuania – 1.  

Among journalists 18 people were killed (including 15 men and 3 women), 8 people were abducted (4 men and 4 women), 13 people were injured, 3 people went 8, and 15 journalists were intimidated. In addition, at least 7 cases of shelling were recorded, which led to damage or destruction of TV towers and broadcasters. 22 blockades and cyber attacks on mass media were recorded.  

In Kyiv region 31 journalists were injured, in Zaporizhzhia region – 15, in Kyiv – 7, in Kyiv region – 7, in Kherson region – 5, in Donetsk region – 5, in the Crimea – 2, in Sumy region – 2, in Odessa region – 2, in Chernihiv region – 1, in Mykolaiv region – 1, in Luhansk region – 1, in Kirovohrad region- 1, in the Central part of Ukraine – 1.  

Ukraine cooperates with a number of international human rights organizations and informs them daily about the crimes of the Russian occupation forces against journalists who cover events on the front lines in superhuman conditions.  

Today, every journalist is a hero. We are grateful to everyone who covers events in Ukraine. Every death and crime against the media will be investigated and the perpetrators will be prosecuted.  

Grateful memory of the dead 

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